Karen MIllen Black dress that best highlight the temperament, together with the least error-prone. Want to make your karen millen dresses with more color more graceful, you need to borrow the following accessories.

A small handbag

Gorgeous evening bags are essential, the most suitable for systemic sober dress. : A string of beads, a pair of earrings, a bingbing bracelet, a bow decorated with your colorful creative slightly! The little black dress is wild, with how good-looking.

A belt

If you do not have a nice belt, then find a long scarf do alternatives will be more eye-catching Oh!

The little black dress always been up and down the same color black, if it is the same material, the biggest drawback is buried stature, or lack of focus. To the ordinary long-sleeved V-neck little black dress plus a overhangs belt, all of a sudden separation of the hierarchy, but also enhance the temperament, good with demonstration Oh!

A glove

The long gloves do with one of the options and the color, it ladies very graceful effect, of course, and close to the color of the little black dress safest.

Black easy to highlight the human temperament, is conservative, but the choice of classic, simple and long gloves split the overall proportion of elegant calm temperament coincide with Hepburn.

1 pairs of boots

If you feel too exaggerated ultra boots, select ordinary boots can also pick the colors jump relatively large, eye-catching point better.

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